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15.2 Registration for National Insurance


Leaving Care Procedure

Most people who work have to pay National Insurance contributions. National insurance is not payable by individuals below age 16 or above State Pension age.

National Insurance contributions are payable to the Income Tax Division of the Treasury. Where child benefit is being paid for a child resident on the Isle of Man a National Insurance number should be issued to the child at age 16 by post. If child benefit is not being paid for a child because the claimant's income is too high, the child can obtain form CA3499 Application for a National Insurance Number – Juvenile Registration by contacting the Treasury by telephone on +44 1624 685400 once they have reached age 16.

Otherwise a person can obtain form CA5400 Application for a National Insurance Number by contacting us. The person will be required to attend a 15 minute interview at which they must produce two forms of identification (ID), one of which must be photographic.

There are four classes of contributions and in the course of a person's working life they may need to change from one class to another or pay more than one class at a time.

The level of a person's contribution and the rules regarding payment depend on the Class of contribution they pay which may be determined by the type of employment they are engaged in. Mostly people fall under class 1: Paid by employed earners and their employees

See government website for more details: GOV.IM - National Insurance Contributions.

And also see FAQ: GOV.IM - National Insurance FAQs.