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20.2 Standards for Youth Justice Team

This chapter was new in August 2012.

  1. File that enters Youth Justice Team to be dealt with within 10 working days then returned to Officer in Charge or forwarded to Final Warnings Officer or court;
  2. Final warning caution to be delivered within 30 working days;
  3. Every young person or child that enters the YJT system will have the opportunity for a health review/assessment by the YJT specialist Health advisor;
  4. Court report and ASSET to be completed within 20 working days or prior to the next court date when appropriate;
  5. Young person and parent/carers to be made fully aware of court process prior or at first appearance at court;
  6. PSR to be read through with young person and parents/carer;
  7. One month after conviction allocated worker should have completed an Asset, Court report, intervention plan and a home visit with the client;
  8. All offender orders to be signed by the young person within a month of the start of the order;
  9. Initial face to face contact should be a minimum of weekly for first three months then reduce to fortnightly and then monthly depending on a vulnerability assessment;
  10. Case and intervention plan to be reviewed with supervision every three months;
  11. If an appointment is missed by young person, contact will be made within 5 working days and recorded in the case notes;
  12. Any breaches will be taken to court within one month;
  13. Closure summary feedback to the judiciary along with a review Asset completed with the young person to be completed one month after final contact;
  14. Young persons sentenced to custody will have a multi-agency meeting held and a welfare plan will be completed involving all relevant services within one month of sentencing. A discharge plan will be completed prior to release and voluntary support offered for three months after release;
  15. If released in licence the young person must be seen within a day;
  16. All contact with young person must be fully recorded along with all intervention plans on RIO in accordance with policy and guidelines.