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18.3 Confidential Reporting (Whistleblowing) Policy

The Government is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability. In line with these commitments, employees with serious concerns about any aspect of the Government’s work are encouraged to voice them through appropriate channels. In so doing, it is recognised that, in certain cases, they may have to proceed on a confidential basis.

Employees are often the first to realise that there may be something seriously wrong within their organisation. However, they may not wish to speak up about concerns because they may feel disloyal towards colleagues and their employer if they do so. Employees may also feel concerned that they may be subject to victimisation or harassment if they speak out, or may feel it is easier to ignore their concerns if they only have inkling or suspicion something may be wrong.

To all employees, it is the intention of this policy to make it clear that you can speak out without fear of victimisation, discrimination or disadvantage. This confidential reporting policy is intended to encourage and enable you to exhaust all available avenues within the Government to raise serious concerns and seek resolution without fear or reprisal and to discourage you from ignoring problems.

It is vitally important that you raise issues of serious concern so that they can be fully investigated. The Government expects you to use this procedure, and wants you to be confident that, if you are genuinely concerned about the matter you raise, your concerns will be handled with sensitivity and professionalism.

In C&F we will do everything possible to protect the identity of the whistle blower. We will also offer protection and support after the conclusion of the process – for example, in the event of possible backlash, provision of extra reflexive supervision, counselling etc.  

The full policy can be accessed through the Isle of Man Government, Confidential Reporting (Whistleblowing) Policy.