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Unaccompanied Asylum Seeker

A child or young person under the age of 18 who has been forced or compelled to leave their home country as a result of major conflict resulting in social breakdown or to escape human rights abuse. They will have no adult in the UK exercising Parental Responsibility.

Separated Children are children and young people aged under 18 who are outside their country of origin and separated from both parents, or their previous legal/customary primary caregiver. Some will be totally alone - unaccompanied, while others may be accompanied into the UK e.g. by an escort; or will present as staying with a person who may identify themselves as a stranger, a member of the family or a friend of the family. These children will not be cared for by persons who - in the eyes of UK law - have the responsibility to do so. The separated children about whom there will be the most concern will present with an unclear history of their arrival and purpose in the UK. These children will always gives cause for concern about their safety and welfare. Separated children, by virtue of being without the appropriate parental care and protection, are vulnerable and may present for help, or be brought to the attention, of a variety of statutory agencies.

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