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4.4 Disabled Children


  1. Introduction
  2. Referrals
  3. Assessment of Need
  4. Referrals for Resources
  5. Reviews

1. Introduction

1.1 Disabled children needing social care services on the Isle of Man are responded to mainly by the Children with Disabilities social work team.
1.2 The response to referrals for those who satisfy the criteria will focus on the child in question, taking account of the needs of the whole family, including carers and siblings.

2. Referrals

2.1 The Initial Response Team Manager will oversee arrangements which ensure that written, telephone and walk-in referrals received during normal office hours receive a prompt and appropriate response.
2.2 Referrals relating to service users already allocated to a social worker in one of the Children and Families Teams will not need a new Referral Form to be completed.
2.3 All other referrals must be recorded on a Referral Form and details entered on the Integrated Children’s System in accordance with established procedures, see Initial Contacts and Referrals Procedure.

3. Assessment of Need


Where the child meets the eligibility criteria for children with disabilities services and the parent’s consent to the referral, NARRATES are completed in line with the requirements of the NARRATES Professional Operational Guidance.

There are a number of key areas for exploration which should be used when assessing the needs of a child with disability. These are as follows:

  • The parent/carer(s) understanding of the child’s disability;
  • The parent/carer(s) understanding of the child’s social needs;
  • School teacher’s understanding of the child’s disability;
  • The child’s communication needs;
  • Whether key adults in the child’s life are aware of the increased vulnerability of the potential of a child being abused.

In addition, when considering the key domains of the assessment (health needs; educational needs; emotional and behavioural needs; social, self-care needs and low resilience; parenting needs) there are additional questions which should be addressed. (see NARRATES Professional Operational Guidance pages 32/33.)

3.2 The Team will undertake NARRATES S46 as necessary.
3.3 Full details can be found in NARRATES Procedure and Professional Operational Guidance.

4. Referrals for Resources

4.1 Where an assessment of need indicates the requirement for more than simply immediate advice or very short-term support, a CwCN Plan will be drawn up setting out the package of support.

Arrangements for a suitable package of services could include:

  • Allocation of the case to ensure social work support or assistance;
  • Aids or equipment;
  • Major adaptations to existing property;
  • Domiciliary care;
  • Home or residentially based short breaks;
  • After School and Holiday schemes.
4.3 In relation to children receiving a respite care service, please see Definition of Looked After Children Procedure, which sets out the criteria to determine whether a child is to be regarded as Looked After or not.
4.4 In relation to identifying a suitable residential placement for short breaks, please refer to the Placements in Residential Care Procedure.

5. Reviews

5.1 Potential service users must be made aware that all resources allocated will be reviewed at regular intervals. The relevant review process will depend on whether or not the child is Looked After. CwCN or CwSP will be subject to the Review Challenge process outlined in NARRATES Section 2.4.
5.2 Where the package of support does not include provision for short breaks involving overnight stays away from home for the child, the review will be held at least annually and will involve a face-to-face meeting with a duty social worker, the child, family and the service provider/s. In these cases the child will still have an allocated worker not a Duty Social Worker and reviews are held at a minimum of 6 monthly. Only cases where the case is open to Disability Services only would be reviewed annually.
5.3 Where the package includes short breaks incorporating overnight stays, please see Application for Emergency Protection Orders Procedure, X Council v B Guidance, Definition of Looked After Children, which sets out the criteria to determine whether a child is to be regarded as Looked After or not.
5.4 Children who come within the definition of Looked After, will be the subject of Looked After Reviews chaired by an Independent Reviewing Officer – see the Children Looked After Review Challenge Procedure.